Hi folks, my name is Chad, and I am looking for any real Creative Satire Writers who would like to contribute their material and get published online for it on the brand new TheTurnip.space.

I am actually a former Science Teacher and I have a Masters Degree in Education, so being a Teacher with an advanced degree, of course I’ve written a ton and, I’m pretty dang good at it at this point, given my education and experience. However, being a SCIENCE Teacher kinda renders me pretty useless in wiring creative and witty fiction, especially satire.

I’ve been making websites for just over two years now and have multiple up right now, but this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a LONG long time. This site is called “The Turnip” and, yes, it is in fact a play on “The Onion”, which is on purpose, as that is more or less the kind of site that I’d like to create.

Being a Science Teacher, well, if you’ve ever had a great Science Teacher, then you know that truly great Science Teachers pretty must do a lot of crazy things and take a lot of risks…because damn the consequences, right? lol

So, what I’m really looking for on this site is sorta like the Onion, but edgier. No, not illegal or anything that’s going to get me arrested, but I’m talking about deliberately making a mockery of the so-called “Fake News” and its 24 News Cycle.

I do NOT care about your politics, and I’m finding out every day that I’m pretty extreme in my middle-ground ways. lol So, if you wanted to write a spoof piece about Donald Trump then that’s GREAT! Also, of course, if you want to write a spoof piece about Joe Biden then that’s GREAT TOO! …and let’s be honest, both of those clowns pretty much make it darn easy to mock them anyway, right?

Also, you can promote yourself and your work here and actually use your real name to take the credit for it, OR you can just do it anonymously and create a pseudonym, if you like, to stay private in the online environment.

So, this is my pitch to you…

I’m looking for small, easily digestible pieces that are longer than a ½ page but kinda not any longer than a full page. So something like 250 words or so of hilarity at pretty much anything that’s happening in the daily news. The actual topics or content is totally up to you, as long as it’s not real or serious.  And they have to have a pretty edgy, catchy, and hilarious title.

Okay, that should be good, let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks again,

– CW 🙂

By the way, if you are also a Certified Teacher yourself then definitely check out my new social media website that is just for Teachers called Socrateacher.org…it’s awesome 🙂

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